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Julian Assange Says WikiLeaks Is More Accountable Than Most Governments, Gets a Little Sassy About It

Julian Assange thinks WikiLeaks is more accountable than any democratic government in the world. And if you dare say otherwise, you'll probably get sued. That was essentially the message that Assange conveyed over the weekend, during his first public appearance since being arrested in December, amid accusations of rape and sexual assault. Speaking to an audience at a public debate in London, As...

Read This: Does the Right to Be Forgotten Online Even Exist?

Being forgotten might sound appealing for some, but making a right out of it degrades the concept of rights. Instead of being something that embodies the relationship between the individual and society, it pretends that relationship doesn't exist. The right to be forgotten is a figment of our imaginations. Are we talking semantics? The Guardian's Tessa Mayes opines that we don't have the "rig...

Twitter Unleashes @Anywhere, Brings Tweets to the Rest of the Web

After debuting last month at SXSW, Twitter's @anywhere micro-blogging service has now gone live, thus allowing all Web publishers to integrate the platform directly into third party sites. As Mashable reports, @anywhere will also feature embedded login/signup boxes, follow buttons and tweet boxes -- all in the hopes of engaging users outside the borders of Twitter's actual site. As Twitter says o...