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Swedish Driver, Eluding Radar, Faces Up to $962K Ticket for Driving 180 MPH

Before your author relocated to New York, he had incurred exactly one speeding ticket, for driving 80 mph in the express lane of a 65 mph highway. The California Highway Patrol officer involved -- who, your author feels it is important to point out, was no even-tempered Erik "Ponch" Estrada -- angrily, if not threateningly, berated him for the danger he posed to other drivers on the road. Without...

Man Avenges Speeding Ticket by Buying Expired Police Department URL

Share When Brian McCrary got ticketed for speeding in Bluff City, Tennessee, he got mad -- but he also got even. Upset because he was caught by a police speed camera placed on U.S. Highway 11E, McCrary decided to go to the Bluff City Police Department's Web site to ask a question about his $90 fine. While there, he noticed that the site's domain name was about to expire. Opportunist that he...

Ohio Man Fights Speeding Ticket by Using His Phone's GPS

An Ohio man is using his cell phone's GPS to fight a speeding ticket that he received back in March of 2009. According to CNET News, Jason Barnes was fined $35, and had two points deducted from his license for allegedly driving 84 mph on a 65-mph stretch of Interstate 75. Barnes has testified that his employer used GPS-tracking to detect employee speed violations, and he claims that his Verizon...