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Best Tablets of CES: Xoom, VIA, Tab and PlayBook Lead the Way

We're quickly coming up on a year since the iPad was released, and while opinions may have been divided early on, there's simply no questioning now that Apple's take on the tablet PC singlehandedly made that long-failing device category suddenly viable. Apple didn't invent the tablet; it was simply the first to craft one that was compelling enough to finally win over consumers. Along the way, it h...

Galaxy Tab Lands, the Web Weighs In on the iPad Competitor

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is out, and the reviews are in. (We're still waiting on our own review unit.) Overall, the reactions are positive, although the good reviews are not without their caveats. Despite Steve Jobs's somewhat confusing declaration that 7-inch touchscreens are too small, most reviewers found that size wasn't an issue. Neither was the underlying Android OS, which Google insists isn'...

iTunes 10 Finally Out for Download, 'Angry Birds' Dive-Bombing to Android

Highlights from this morning's big tech headlines The Ping social network-infused iTunes 10 finally landed last night, and it's available for download. [From: Apple] The ever popular 'Angry Birds' game has been confirmed as being released to Android phones this Friday. [From: TalkAndroid] Also late last night, Twitter launched its official free app for iPad, bringing multiple account log...