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Florida Man Guns Down SWAT Team Robot With an AK-47 -- Naked

What's crazier than locking yourself in your house and threatening to kill anyone that crosses its threshold? Walking out of your house to shoot a robot with an AK-47. Naked. While being videotaped. A Florida man accomplished all of those feats, during a recent standoff with a camera-equipped SWAT team bot. The $65,000 robot bravely attempted to enter the man's house, where it was greeted with ...

PlayStation "Shooters" Surrounded by SWAT Team

Saturday night, in Valby, Denmark, two friends were playing a rousing shoot-'em-up game on PlayStation when neighbors, mistaking the sound for real violence, called the police, according to the Register. Soon thereafter, a SWAT team surrounded the men's apartment, carrying heavy firearms and barking through megaphones. When the men 'surrendered,' the cops became immediately aware of the misunders...