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Netflix Tech Tips: Finding the Right Movie for That Right Moment

Sometimes the sole impediment to a relaxing evening spent with a bowl of popcorn and the comforting glow of the TV is deciding on a movie to watch. Whether you're trying to satisfy a specific mood, or looking for that one Werner Herzog movie you haven't seen yet, Netflix's movie recommendations leave a lot to be desired. No, we're not interested in yet another cerebral, witty, foreign film with a ...

Flixster Buys Rotten Tomatoes, NYC Sues Verizon Over Ugly Building

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines... In a true celluloid superstar pairing, Flixster has purchased Rotten Tomatoes from IGN Entertainment (a division of News Corp) for an undisclosed amount of money. The two sites, which feature movie reviews and other miscellaneous film information, will continue to operate as independent sites. [From: Business Wire] AT&T receiv...