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Your Guide to Private Browsing

InPrivate, Incognito, Private Browsing -- whatever they want to brand it -- all modern browsers offer a special mode designed to keep what you do online a secret from prying eyes. Despite different names and origins at different companies, they all work in basically similar ways: A new browser session is created that operates separately from your existing one, with its own history and cookies t...

'Private' Browsing Sessions Not So Private

Share It turns out that the so-called private browsing modes included in modern Web browsers might not be so private after all. Collin Jackson at Carnegie Mellon University has discovered a weakness in how some sites store data on PCs, and claims that it could allow digital snoops to discover what websites a person has been visiting -- even with a private mode enabled. A banking site, for ins...

How to Truly Browse in Private

All the modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc...) come with what has affectionately been dubbed "porn mode." Though it goes by different names in different browsers (InPrivate, Private Browsing, Incognito), the idea is the same; they keep your online journeys hidden by deleting or rejecting cookies, not tracking history, and emptying the cache when you quit. Unfortunately, thes...