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Netflix Hired Actors to Show up to Canadian Launch Event, Promptly Apologizes

Netflix's high-profile Canadian launch attracted a sizable crowd of enthusiastic consumers yesterday. As it turns out, however, many of the "consumers" who showed up for the Toronto event were actually paid actors. As the Globe and Mail reports, the online video rental and streaming company has now admitted to having paid extras to show up and "play types, for example, mothers, film buffs,...

Quacking Ringtone Interrupts Obama Press Conference

When's the most embarrassing moment possible for your cell phone to ring? During a church service? How about a college lecture? A funeral, maybe? Nope, nope, and nope. Try being the poor sap whose phone not only rang, but quacked, during a recent press conference by President Obama. During a live broadcast of a speech about gay rights yesterday, a White House correspondent's cell phone quacked...