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Nintendo 3DS: Not a Gaming Revolution, Still Makes Hands Happy

The best way for me to start off my hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS is to be completely honest about my relationship with the Nintendo DS; I love the little split-screened device. I have a white Lite from 2007, and have never found the need to upgrade. That was until the E3 Expo last year, when Nintendo trotted out these little guys to a crowd practically electrified with excitement. But the 3-D...

Nintendo Returns to Classics, Focuses on Link, Donkey Kong and Pit

Nintendo's new glasses-free 3-D handheld, the 3DS, was hardly the surprise of yesterday's Nintendo keynote. Instead, big N looked to the company's stock of franchises past and showed off some old friends in a series of new games. From Link to Diddy and Kirby to Kid Icarus, we examine Nintendo's lineup for the next year....