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Meg Whitman Campaign Learns Lesson on Importance of Proofreading

Meg Whitman's campaign spokesperson, Sarah Pompei, sent out a tweet Monday evening announcing that the San Diego Deputy Sheriff's association was endorsing her candidacy. Included was a link intended to lead to a blog post about the endorsement, but Pompei left an "r" off the end, sending followers instead to this bass-playing cross-dresser (video after the break). This is why proofreading is...

As Dems Seek 'Macaca' Vids and Whitman FAILs, We Want Politicians Off Our Memes

Since President Obama's campaign for the Oval Office began back in 2007, we've known that politicians have been made aware of this whole Internet thing, and have found that it can be a useful tool for spreading their truths, half-truths and lies. We've written recently about Obama's new iPhone app, and even how the septuagenarian Senator Ike Skelton has taken to the "Twitters" (Obama's coinage) in...

Female Tech All-Stars Terminate Opponents in California Primaries

Film icons and legendary crooners once dominated the political landscape in California, but the Golden(less) State currently bears a crippling $20 billion deficit and an agonizing 13-percent unemployment rate. Last fall, an onslaught of tech moguls supplanted the celebrity grandstanders in Cali's political limelight, and all audaciously promised to capitalize on their successful corporate...