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Obama Talks Education, Innovation With Zuckerberg, Jobs at Private Dinner

Yesterday, Barack Obama held a private meeting with a dozen Silicon Valley luminaries, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple's Steve Jobs and heavyweights from Twitter and Google. During the two-hour dinner, Obama reportedly discussed his ideas on investments in education and a proposed public-private partnership geared toward helping startups and small businesses get off the ground....

Presidential Cabinet Members Must Leave BlackBerrys at the Door

After being rudely interrupted during a press conference earlier this year, we can't blame President Barack Obama for taking a harsh stance on cell phones. After all, there's an economy to fix and a war to win. So when it's time for a cabinet meeting, he's told his staff to leave those BlackBerrys at the door. But what has us chuckling is the method in place to ensure Secretary of State...

Meeting Ticker Puts a Price on Wasted Time

Have you ever wondered how much money is being wasted at those lengthy company meetings that never stay on topic? You get ten people in a room to discuss some new project, but spend half the time discussing last night's game or the latest celebrity sex tape. One way to keep everyone on track is to visualize how much money the company is paying for its employees to sit around chatting. The...