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Neil Young's Green LincVolt Hybrid Ignites a Not-So-Green Inferno

Two years ago, Neil Young embarked on an admirable mission to provide the world with green, environmentally friendly electric cars. With the help of "motorhead messiah" John Goodwin, Young converted his road hog Lincoln Continental into a biodiesel-fueled electric hybrid, which he dubbed the "LincVolt." The singer invested his own money (and produced his own music video to honor Goodwin), but the...

Neil Young Argues for Electric Car Revolution in Detroit

The award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young is bound and determined to tear down and rebuild the motor in Motor City, according to Autoblog and a piece that the singer wrote for Huffington Post. Sharing popular concerns about fuel prices and efficiency, Young has been hard at work in recent months, trying to develop practical electric car conversions. His masthead vehicle -- a...

Neil Young Starts Linc Volt Electric Car Conversion Company

Sure, you've got a couple Neil Young CDs and maybe a battered Farm-Aid T-shirt, but if you're really into ol' Shakey, you'll pick up one of his hotrod electric Lincoln conversions. Yep, Neil's started a company called Linc Volt to develop electric car technologies, and he's already converted his own personal '59 Lincoln in an attempt to win the Automotive X-Prize -- a process that's the subject...