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Telenoid R1 Bot Ensures We Never Sleep With the Lights Off Again

In case you're not familiar with him, Hiroshi Ishiguro has made a name for himself by creating the creepiest humanoid bots this planet has ever seen. But, whereas his past creations have been uncanny stand-ins (albeit horrifyingly soulless ones) for their human counterparts, his latest creation, the Telenoid R1, looks like it crawled out of the fiery pits of the nether-world to feast upon our...

Geminoid-F: Your Creepy Fembot of the Week

Robot designer Hiroshi Ishiguro has a flair for creepy, wax-figure verisimilitude. Ishiguro has invented an entirely new distribution curve for the Uncanny Valley, hanging steadily in the middle of both the appealing/unappealing and endearing/frightening axes. A couple years back, Ishiguro created a robot version of himself (well, more of an evil twin), and now he's come up with an uncanny...