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'80s Rocker Bryan Adams Clamps Down on Fan Web Sites

If you were an aging rocker with a few hits from decades past occasionally percolating up through the sappy songlists of soft-rock radio stations, would you tell your already slim and likely dwindling fan base to ratchet up the tribute Web sites, maybe to spur on a few album sales? Or would you employ the long arm of the Web Sheriff, and shut'em down! (That exclamation point tells you...

Prince Sues His No. 1 Fans

Two months ago, we told you about Prince suing YouTube, eBay, and BitTorrent site Pirate Bay for enabling the piracy of his music. We suggested, as politely as we possibly could, that perhaps the elfin former superstar should take a lesson from Metallica, salvage some dignity, and try to avoid legal tussles over fans sharing his music. Well, apparently Prince was listening, but somehow he's...