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Makers of 'Scrabble' Want Popular 'Scrabulous' Removed From Facebook

Earlier this week, Facebook was forced to create "extended" profiles thanks to the inundation of random apps/widgets that users of the site has been suffering from lately. We find many of these apps to be little more than nagware, but there are a few gems, chief among them 'Scrabulous,' a multiplayer online version of 'Scrabble' you can play right from your Facebook account. Now, as if you needed...

Best Facebook Apps for the Office

When you think about Facebook applications, the first thing that comes to mind might be those obnoxious Vampire and Zombie applications where friends keep "biting you." Or maybe it's the Movie Compatibility Quiz, which asks you about an awful lot of Adam Sandler films and nothing about the films you might actually like. Now, those sorts of apps could waste a lot of time when you're at work,...