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Chatty Spammers Hijacking Facebook Accounts

If you spend a lot of your time chatting with your friends on Facebook, you'd better be on the lookout for a gang of spammers that appears to be hijacking accounts and spreading its stupid little surveys via instant messages. All Facebook's Jackie Cohen recently received one of these spammy chats from a friend who wasn't even online at the time, inviting her to click on a link to receive a...

Tech Tips: Thwart Chatroom Shenanigans, Predators and Danger

Chris Hansen thrust chat rooms, and their inherent dangers, into the national consciousness with his legendary 'To Catch a Predator' sting operations on 'Dateline.' Despite Hansen's admirable and alarmingly successful crackdowns, chatting online definitely remains a perilous endeavor, particularly for kids. To combat the dangers, both parents and children need to familiarize themselves with...