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Man Goes to Prison for Threatening Eric Cantor on YouTube

A man named Norman LeBoon is headed to prison after making threats to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a video posted to YouTube. In the clip, the 38-year-old LeBoon called the Republican "a liar" and "a Lucifer," and promised to shoot him. LeBoon pleaded guilty to the charges in November, and, on Thursday, was sentenced to two years in prison, along with an additional three years of supervise...

GOP's YouCut Site Lets You Vote to Nix Welfare, Health-Care or Frivolous Spending

Last week, we reported that the GOP planned to hand off the responsibility of developing a party platform to its rank-and-file (and Web-connected) members. Now Republican Whip Eric Cantor is climbing aboard the participatory government train with YouCut. The premise is simple: visitors are presented with a list of government programs that are viewed by the Republican party as wasteful. Anyone ...

FBI Nails Potentially Dangerous Man in Hours Thanks to YouTube

Share Here's a good illustration of just how quickly information can be dispersed through the Internet, and just how little privacy actually exists online. On Friday, March 26th, a YouTube user by the name of shiamuslimcantbestop posted a video in which he made allusions to putting bullets in the heads of Eric Cantor, congressman from Virginia's seventh district, and his family. By the followi...