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Electronic Music Gets a New Weapon With the 'LinnStrument'

The fellow that brought us the drum machine -- that 1980s game-changer -- is still at it. Roger Linn's LinnStrument, which you can hear in the preview video after the break, is a marvel of a modern music-maker. Arrayed in grid form, the touchpad of notes adjusts pitch, timbre and expression according to finger movement and pressure. Geeky? No doubt. But it sounds roughly like a theremin on ecst...

Home Recording 101: Breaking Down Basics, Synths, Software and Gear

Once upon a time, electronic music was generally the realm of those with access to thousands of dollars of musical equipment, or bedroom producers working in niche and largely unrecognized genres. But over the years, the advent of home computing has brought these worlds together, with the ability to easily emulate a studio's worth of equipment on a laptop or PC. Furthermore, electronic music has ...