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Sci-Fi Movie Interfaces: Why Transparent Screens Are Miserable to Use

Yesterday, we sat in on the excellent 'Made it So (Interface Makers in Movies)' panel at SXSW with Chris Noessel, Mike Fink, Mark Coleran and David Lewandowski, some of the designers behind the on-screen interfaces in movies ranging from '80s classics 'Blade Runner' and 'WarGames' to modern day blockbusters 'Avatar' and 'Tron: Legacy.' The panel followed a simple question and answer format,...

SXSW Dispatch: Hunting the Lobster Dog

We bring out the costume a lot. I think we wear it once a year, for Halloween. But I think this might come as a shock, but I don't think dogs like wearing clothes. I think they hate it, actually. It may be wrong to do it, but I love my dog, and if she really didn't like it, I wouldn't put her through it. We have done a hot dog. The dog's aspect ratio is 7:1, so you get all these cool costumes...