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With 'Shark Week' Imminent, Look Forward to the Great-White-Warning SMS System

Steven Spielberg's 'Jaws' saw its 35th anniversary last month, and your writer reignited an irrational, but very real, childhood galeophobia by re-watching the entire toothy franchise just before a July 4th trip to the beach. It didn't help matters that the original Jaws (yes, we know, fictional) attacks occurred around Independence Day on Amity Island, and that the real-life Coast Guard issued...

Chopper Drone Helps Navy Make Cocaine Bust

A "routine test flight" for a U.S. Navy Fire Scout helicopter drone recently turned into three hours of surveillance and a successful drug bust. According to Popular Science, the MQ-8B Vertical Take-off and Landing UAV (VTUAV) drone caught a boat suspected of carrying cocaine on its radar. With the aid of the remote surveillance, the USS McInerney and U.S. Coast Guard vessels were able to close...