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Police in India Use Facebook to Catch Dangerous Drivers

As India's middle class has swollen in recent years, so too has its share of untrained drivers. As a result, the country now endures more traffic-related fatalities than any other nation, and weaving through any of its major cities has become a feat of Herculean proportion. Police in Delhi, though, recently stumbled upon an entirely new approach to controlling the city's roadway pandemonium: Faceb...

Report Bad Drivers Online at Zapatag

Have you ever wished that you could take your revenge on that guy who cut you off on the road without chasing him through traffic leaning out your window with a baseball bat? There's a better (and passive-aggressive) way to do it: Whine anonymously on a Web site. Introducing Zapatag, a Web site created for the sole purpose of shaming bad drivers. After signing up, you can post license plate nu...