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April Fools' Day: The Most Horrible Time of the Year

Sadly, April Fools' Day has arrived. Every year on this day, tech companies across the country and the globe spend countless man hours and millions of dollars playing pranks on hapless consumers and frustrated tech journalists. In the past, we've been treated to such delightful jokes as Gmail Paper and every link on YouTube leading to a rickroll. Even NASA got in on the action by announcing it ...

Google Renames Itself Topeka, Continues Flood of April Fool's Jokes

Share A month ago, the mayor of Topeka, Kansas changed the city's name (temporarily) to 'Google, Kansas' in a bid to become one of the test beds for the company's Fiber for Communities project. The search giant responded in kind today; visiting will reveal a change in names from 'Google' to 'Topeka.' The April Fool's Day-obsessed Web giant posted a lengthy explanation on its offi...

Conficker Virus to Hijack Computers on April Fool's Day?

It's been a while since we last reported on developments in the Conficker virus saga -- primarily because there hasn't been much progress. The dangerous virus is still out there infecting PCs and scaring the hell out of security experts. According to CNN, the Conficker Cabal (a self-named group of computer scientists and security companies) dug through the code of the virus and discovered tha...