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Apple Launches iPhone 4 Case Program, Sending Bumper Refunds Soon

Kicking off what we hope is the beginning of the end of the 'Antennagate' mess, Apple launched its iPhone 4 Case Program today. Steve Jobs promised free Bumpers, cases and refunds to iPhone 4 owners at last week's emergency press conference, and you're eligible for the refund or case as long as you purchase Apple's latest phone before September 30th. For those of you who have already bought an ...

The Best iPhone 4 Cases Reviewed

Every version of the iPhone has its idiosyncrasies, but the most recent incarnation tops them all. "You're holding it wrong" has essentially been Cupertino's answer to those customers experiencing lost reception and dropped calls. The only consistent workaround, it seems, is to use an iPhone case, which prevents you from touching the phone in all the wrong places, and thus from losing reception....