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Amazon's Cloud Drive Ruffles Music Industry

Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair because this is gonna be good. Amazon just edged ever closer to world domination by offering a free cloud service that lets customers access their music from a range of devices. It's basically a huge eff-you to the record labels, with whom Amazon is still in negotiation over streaming rights. One anonymous executive put it to Reuters this way: "[It's] somew...

Amazon Cloud Player Streams Your Music Collection to Your Android Phone

We know that Google is planning a streaming music service for Android devices, and rumors of Apple offering a similar product have been circulating for years. Late last night, though, Amazon stole their thunder. With little to no fanfare, Amazon unveiled 'Amazon Cloud Player,' a service that comes bundled with 5GB of free Cloud Drive storage for uploading your music and other files, too. The ac...