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Zeus Botnet Exploits Newfound Vulnerability in PDF 'Feature'

Just over a week ago, researchers demonstrated the PDF vulnerability that turns a so-called "feature" into a back door, through which criminal minds could infect a user's PC. Now, hackers have released an attack that takes advantage of said "feature." The widespread Zeus botnet has been updated and packaged in PDF form, and is now landing in e-mail inboxes around the world. Security firm M86 d...

New Attack Turns PDF Feature Into Liability

Share The PDF file, along with its dubious companion Adobe Reader, is known for being one of the weak points in a computer's security. Holes allowing hackers and malware to weasel their ways into a computer are regularly discovered in PDF files and programs. But a new way of highjacking the Adobe and Foxit readers requires no exploiting of holes or bugs; instead, it actually turns an asset of ...

Adobe's Reader and Acrobat Under Virus Threat, Fix a Month Away

Just about every week we have some new browser vulnerability to report, with some new flaw appearing in IE or Firefox that could let a hacker access your precious infos. Today, it's another flaw that's been discovered, but not in one particular browser. Instead, it's in something that's rather more commonly used: Adobe's Reader and Acrobat. According to Adobe's indications, the software programs -...