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April Fools' Day: The Most Horrible Time of the Year

Sadly, April Fools' Day has arrived. Every year on this day, tech companies across the country and the globe spend countless man hours and millions of dollars playing pranks on hapless consumers and frustrated tech journalists. In the past, we've been treated to such delightful jokes as Gmail Paper and every link on YouTube leading to a rickroll. Even NASA got in on the action by announcing it ...

Last Night at The Guggenheim: YouTube Play Opens to Fanfare, Yet Flops

How do we rate YouTube Play? We've been struggling to answer that question since last night, when we attended the opening at the Guggenheim and got our first look at the 25 videos chosen for the exhibition. Culled from over 23,000 submissions worldwide and narrowed to a shortlist of 125, the final 25 were picked by a rock-star jury of artists, designers and filmmakers. To say it bluntly, the show...