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The Web's Biggest Scams: From 419 to the Hitman

Share The Web is awash with bad seeds who want your money, your data and your sweet, sweet identity. We don't want to scare you -- since these people are the exception, not the rule -- but they are out there. Crafty buggers who prey on trust and carelessness, scammers are not only persistent social engineers, but also skilled hackers who take over Facebook accounts, break into bank databases and...

I-ELLA Combines eBay, Gilt Groupe and a Bazaar Into Charitable Shopping

Discount stores, invite-only sites, Etsy and eBay: there is hardly a reason to head to a department store anymore. Unless, of course, you still appreciate the social aspect of shopping -- getting a friend's opinion, promising to let her borrow your item, or using her to help narrow down your selections. So Ella Gorlga, a young entrepreneur based in New York, caught this discrepancy between IRL...