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3-D TV at CES: Going Small and Cheap, Whether You Want It or Not

As we wandered the halls of CES 2011, one thing became abundantly clear: that this 3-D thing just isn't going away. We'd previously written off 3-D TV and movies as gimmicky and prone to producing headaches, but the industry is clearly taking it very seriously. Last year, all the major TV manufacturers were pushing 3-D sets, and all were back this year with upgraded displays, new glasses and...

What's the Best PC Monitor/TV for Under $350?

A reader asks: One of my college housemates just moved out, which is a good thing, but he took his TV with him. This is a bad thing. So I'm looking for a PC monitor that can do double duty as a TV, too -- something reasonably big, as good quality as possible, fast enough for console games and is around $350 or so. I'm stuck with a laptop 12-inch screen until you reply, so hurry up and just tell...

10 LCD Monitors That Think Outside the Bezel

Odds are your computer's monitor looks a lot like everyone else's. Well, we here at Switched like to break out of the status quo, and we've found 10 screens that do the same....