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Following the Academy Awards Online: Our Favorite Voices Chime in on Oscar Night

What's the point of watching The Oscars if you can't have the entire Internet screaming in your eyes at the same time? The pomp, the glitz, the gladhanding and the empty ceremony of the biggest awards show of the year all demand collective commentary. For the Academy Awards, we like to grab a cheap bottle of cava, don our finest sweatpants, and hop on the Web for an evening of glamour that never leaves the couch. (Hell, you don't even need to get out of bed! The Oscars are being livestreamed this year.) Below are our favorite resources for Oscar commentary online.


Following a good liveblog is like having a friend who's funnier and less drunk than you sitting right on your lap. A couple sites out there are consummate pros, doing it with fervor and finesse.

We prefer The Awl, Videogum, Gawker and Vulture -- the true workhorses of sneery commentary -- for on-the-money, smart snark. We'd recommend The Onion's AV Club, too, as long as it doesn't use that insufferable CoverItLive plugin again.

Maybe you prefer more grown-up observations? Try the New York Time's Carpetbagger blog, or Variety for insidery/ridiculous terms like "aud" and "boffo."

Oh, and if you're just watching for the red carpet disasters, we enjoy the bitchy fashion critiques from The Cut, Go Fug Yourself and Jezebel. The Cut has a newsy slant, while Jezebel is for the Women's Studies majors in all of us. The Fug Girls are the everywoman... with way more bitterness.


Some of us prefer to follow things with that new service called The Twitter. If you can't handle more than 140 characters of Oscar glamour at a time, try the easily digestible nuggets of trending commentary from any of these fine feeds.

People who will actually be at the Academy Awards and possibly updating their Twitter accounts with Veuve Clicquot-drunk fingers on their golden BlackBerrys include Judd Apatow and Jon Favreau. We'd recommend James Franco and his newfound talent for tweeting highly pleasing cat photos, but he'll probably be busy hosting the show.

What about the established movie critics? Man, we really wish that the curmudgeonly Armond White used Twitter. (For example: "Like Grand Theft Auto's quasi-cinematic extension of noir and action-flick plots, 'Inception' manipulates the digital audience's delectation for relentless subterfuge." Amazing.) But you can always rely on Roger Ebert, A.O. Scott, Peter Travers and Michael Philips. Of course, Ebert leads the way out of sheer volume of tweets. Why doesn't Manohla use Twitter?

Industry insiders at mainstream publications will have their own insight to the corpulent spectacle of the Academy Awards. Access Hollywood, AP Fashion and HuffPo's Entertainment section will probably offer up stats on the red carpet frocks, while /Film, Cinematical, Cinemablend and Film Threat will probably have more to say about the awards themselves. Vanity Fair and The Atlantic CULT are safe bets for total coverage.

Media bloggers will be pounding them back right along with us. The professional alcoholics at Film Drunk did an Oscar drinking game last year, in addition to live-tweeting. David Carr from the New York Times will probably act a little more professional, and the delightful Maura Johnston is can't-miss. Maybe she'll be live-blogging over at her new site Popdust? We don't know. It doesn't hurt to check Choire Sicha and Gabe Delahaye's feeds, but they'll probably be manning the liveblogs at The Awl and Videogum, respectively. Who knows if Awl alum Mary HK Choi will be tweeting, but we'd die for her film reviews.

And if things start getting boring in the eleventh hour of Best Screenplay Adapted From a Website Turned Into a Book by a TV Writer, just throw this video on a loop and chug cheap swill until everything gets funny again.

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