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Chicago Catholic Church Warns Parents About Facebook

While some outlets may bash Chicago's St. John Cantius Roman Catholic church for warning its parishioners of Facebook's moral dangers, we won't. After all, the church's clergy didn't forbid Facebook; they just declared that it facilitates vanity and dishonesty (specifically in children), allowing them to concoct their own identities and social realities with less risk of real-world consequence....

'Witness' Security Program Lets You Watch as Thieves Steal Your Mac

These days, would-be thieves steal gadgets at their own risk. While yesteryear's TVs and stereos resulted in big money, today's laptops and smartphones -- what with their GPS tracking and Web connectivity -- typically result in quick arrests. And, thanks to a new program called Witness (which turns your Mac into an Internet-connected security camera), you can watch somebody stealing the co...

Google Street View Update Allows Walking Tour of Roman Colosseum

As lame as it may be, we occasionally hop on the ol' Google Maps, and meander our ways down scenic city streets from our desks. Paris, New Orleans and Buenos Aires can all be ours, regardless of where we lay our laptops. Thanks to an update from Google, we can now wander off the streets of Rome and into the Colosseum. We'll get some work done next week....

Science Proves That the Remote Is Stuck Under the Cushion

remote controlWe're not exactly sure why, but there's something really satisfying about science proving conventional wisdom right. A recent survey conducted by Logitech has confirmed what we've all long known: that, if you've lost your TV remote, it's probably between the couch cushions. In fact, there's a 49-percent chance it's there. Tied for the second most likely hiding place are the bathroom and a dresser drawer.

Facebook Game Offers Free Trip to Ireland for Best Virtual Roof-Thatchers

'ireland town'
In the same way that 'Mafia Wars' has drawn attention to Jersey, and 'FarmVille' has drawn attention to... uh... Iowa (or something), Zynga's newest Facebook gaming sensation 'Ireland Town' is advertising the Emerald Isle to Facebook users enthralled by such virtual activities as brewing beer and thatching roofs. Developed by Tourism Ireland, a joint enterprise between Ireland and Northern Ireland, the game offers a free trip to Erin for the best of the thatchers and brewers.

E-Books Pick up Steam as Paperback and Hardcover Sales Slide

Americans are increasingly doing their reading on screens, according to the Association of American Publishers. From January 2010 to January 2011, e-book sales more than doubled, increasing by 116-percent to $69.9 million. By contrast, hardbacks and paperbacks fell by 11.3- and 19.7-percent, to $49.1 million and $83.6 million respectively. By our calculations, ten years from now, "turn the page" w...

Electronic Piggy Bank Takes 'Change' From Credit Card

The high-tech Zenona Piggy Bank's purpose isn't immediately clear, but when has that ever stopped technology developers? Comprised of an iPhone, Arduino BT and credit card slot, the half-bank half-Tamagotchi gets sad when it's been too long without a payment. Just swipe your card, and a pittance equivalent to pocket change will be transferred to a separate account. Weird. ...

Beijing to Track Citizens' Cell Phones 'To Ease Traffic Congestion'

A savvy reader has informed Slashdot that the city of Beijing will soon begin tracking its citizens' cell phones -- ostensibly "to ease traffic congestion." According to the website of the Central People's Government, Beijing's cell phone-owning population (about 70-percent) will be tracked in real time as part of the project, which is called "Platform for Citizen Movement Information."...

The Twit Tweets: Charlie Sheen Gets 700,000 Twitter Followers in No Time

Not content wasting away in private, Charlie Sheen has certainly made the rounds the past couple weeks. But where is he supposed to spew egomaniacal jibberish and pitiful self-aggrandizements when he's not on TV or being chased by paparazzi? The same place everybody else does: Twitter. Since joining last night, he's gained over 750,000 followers, and made plans to hang out with P. Diddy. What h...

Green-Screen Tech Comes to iPhone With 'Kromath 3' App

If you have an iPhone and $20 to burn, you can now do your best impression of a weatherman, or Michael Jordan in 'Space Jam' -- thanks to the new 'Kromath 3' chroma-keyer app. Simply snap a photo of yourself in front of a solid-colored wall, and you'll have as many bizarre-o self-portraits as you could ever want. ...

Heather Armstrong Reigns Over Blogdom With

When asked what we do for work, we often wince before saying, "I'm a blogger." It's because, for most folks, the term likely describes a twenty-something nerd who lives in his mother's basement, collects unemployment, and writes in his LiveJournal about black metal bands. Thanks to the New York Times' profile of Heather Armstrong, though, "blogger" might soon mean an independently wealthy media pe... Read more »

Facebook Posts Promising Free Southwest Flights Are *Gasp* Spam

In today's Facebook travels, you may have noticed that free Southwest flights constituted a hot topic of discussion amongst your friends. (We received several comments today along those lines.) Well, to nobody's surprise, those comments were nothing but spam messages. In case you were goofy enough to click on one of those links, read Mashable's directions on how to disinfect your Facebook.... Read more »

'Great Gatsby' Flick to Be Shot in 3-D

It sounds like a story line straight out of 'The Simpsons.' For the first time in years, a movie director will soon adapt 'The Great Gatsby' to the silver screen. Except this Gatsby will be in 3-D. And in Australia. Let's just hope that director Baz Lurhmann goes ahead, fully embraces absurdity, and writes in a few car chases.... Read more »

Dorky Dad Bakes Son 'Angry Birds' Birthday Cake, Lazy Parents Roll Eyes

If your kids are currently in the room, it's probably in your best interest to refrain from watching this video. No, it's not because of bad language or nudity or violence. It's because, if they see this monstrosity of a birthday cake (and working model of 'Angry Birds'), they will not rest until you construct it. And that would take us months.... Read more »

Nun Ousted From Spanish Convent for Facebooking

Ten years ago, the sisters of the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo, Spain decided to get a computer. "It enabled us do things [sic] such as banking online and saved us having to make trips into the city," 54-year-old Sister Maria Jesús Galán recently told the Telegraph. Having taken to the computer perhaps more quickly than most, Sister Maria set about digitizing the archives... Read more »
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