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Google's New Crossword-Style Trivia Game Wants Puzzlers to Search

a google a day
Fellow puzzle fans, Google has brought us joy. The engine's newest venture, A Google a Day, asks cunning participants not to use the knowledge they have but rather the knowledge they can unearth with Google search to solve riddles. Much like crossword puzzles (possibly your author's favorite pastime), the questions ask the solver to change the way they think. For today's riddle, searching "two presidents signed" automatically gives some good hints -- but the Google Gods seem to want us to rely more on search suggestions rather than our own acquired trivia.

Using instead of the regular Google shields you from real-time questions and answers, so your network and top hits won't spoil the fun. Searching down the 'Net's rabbit hole is kind of interesting, but Google really needs a way to track your success. After all, puzzle fiends solve for the glory and the feeling of completion, not the quiet satisfaction of "knowing things." Duh.

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