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Ericsson's Hyper-Connected Vision of the Future, The Torrenting Turtle Weighs In

Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


Fake Salem Song Teaches Internet A Lesson It'll Probably Forget Pretty Soon
Yesterday the Internet lit up for a bit with news of a new track from the draggy, divisive outfit Salem. "Nite Daze," according to the email blasting it around the Internet, was "all about the drag environment of being incredibly tired, in a dream-state, wasted or on something, and forcing something creative from the mutual confused experience," and it sure sounded like at least one of those words.
On 'Radiolab,' the Sound of Science
A relevant question to ask at this moment is: Why would anyone bother to invent a new aesthetic for such a retrograde form? This is an exciting time for innovation in new media: interactive forms for active consumers. Radio, in contrast, just washes over you or drifts by in the background.



  • The torrenting turtle knows what's up about downloading full albums to preview just one song. [From: Geekosystem]
  • The new 3Frames app lets you make simple animated GIFs with your iPhone. For more detailed animations, check out our guide. [From: Gizmodo]

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