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U.S. Might Use Facebook, Twitter to Broadcast Terrorism Alerts

facebook loginfacebook loginThe U.S. government is considering using Facebook and Twitter to issue terrorism warnings, as part of its revamped terror alert system.

According to a draft of a Homeland Security plan obtained by the AP, the government would broadcast the warnings via Facebook and Twitter "when appropriate," and only after federal, state and local officials have already been alerted. But these warnings won't be quite as complex as before. The new system features only two alert levels -- 'elevated' and 'imminent' -- rather than the five colors that comprised the previous scale.

At this point, though, it remains unclear whether or not the government will actually pursue its Facebook notification system. According to Homeland Security spokeswoman Amy Kudwa, "[t]he plan is not yet final, as we will continue to meet and exercise with our partners to finalize a plan that meets everyone's needs."

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