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Surreal Gaming in 'Machinarium' Creator's Latest, 'Osada'

This week we're showing love to the latest games from some of our favorite designers. These are creators that we've come to expect the best from -- and this week's picks certainly live up our expectations.

If you've played either of Amanita Design's previous works -- the 'Samorost' series or 'Machinarium' -- you know to expect a visually thrilling spectacle. Amanita's latest game, 'Osada,' leans more towards the surreal insanity of their 'Samorost' games than the more puzzle-oriented 'Machinarium,' with a stream-of-consciousness flow of nonsensical visuals and simple point-and-click puzzles. Oozing with irreverence and insanity, 'Osada' is an invigorating time-waster that's sure to delight anyone with a taste for the strange.


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