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Old School Meets New School in Locomalito's 'Viriax'

This week we're showing love to the latest games from some of our favorite designers. These are creators that we've come to expect the best from - and this week's picks certainly live up our expectations.

Designer Locomalito can always be trusted to deliver the goods when it comes to games that are as retro as they are forward-thinking. His latest, 'Viriax,' is a great example of this, mixing a simple, old-school feel with a few game play twists that make the experience far more than an exercise in nostalgic reverence. Most importantly, your method of attack requires getting ahead of your foes and attacking downward. That's already mind-bending enough in a vertical scrolling game like 'Viriax,' but add in the randomly generated levels and a glorious assortment of power-ups, and you've got a fresh game that's easy to get into. Locomalito has once again proven why he's one of the best indie developers working today.


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