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Royal Wedding Won't Be Filmed in 3-D, We Cry Lifelike Tears of Sorrow

will and kate in 3-dThe royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William is swelling to an unceasing, deafening and overexposed roar. We Yanks have been barraged with imitation wedding rings, iTunes soundtracks of the event and commemorative plates galore (SO. MANY. COMMEMORATIVE. PLATES.) But one sensory assault we won't have to endure is the hyperreal 3-D experience, despite the fact that the Queen Mother is totally down with the technology.

The Facebook updates, live Twitter feeds and other real-time media covering the wedding will still swarm us, but the third dimension is officially out. A royal spokesperson writes: "I know you have all become increasingly enthusiastic about 3-D and I'm sorry that this will come as a disappointment." Apparently, says the New York Times, the size of the 3-D equipment is simply too large for the lobby to handle. Nuts.

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