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Play the Incredible 'Iconoclasts', Then Help Finish It

This week we're showing love to the latest games from some of our favorite designers. These are creators that we've come to expect the best from - and this week's picks certainly live up our expectations, leaving us fiending for what's next.

Anyone who's played designer Konjak's previous works -- particularly 'Legend of Princess' -- knows the level of artistry he attains with pixels. His latest unfinished game 'Iconoclasts' is further proof of his skills. Incredible to behold, with whimsical character acting, fluid animation and lushly designed levels, 'Iconoclasts' feels like the creation of some alternate dimension in which pixelated art never went away.

What's going on under the hood is just as impressive. The game features perfectly executed side scrolling gameplay that feels straight out of 'Metroid' and 'Mega Man.' That's why it hurts so much to hear that Konjak may be abandoning the project. But you can help him finish: Download the game for your PC and, if you like it, you can donate to Konjak directly through his website, and support his continued game development.


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