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Michigan Man Finds Kidney Donor on Facebook

Jeff Kurze is a 35-year-old man from Michigan who suffers from chronic interstitial nephritis -- a condition that led to kidney failure and forced him to go through dialysis treatments three times per day. Kurze was in dire need of a kidney transplant, but his doctors told him it would likely be three to five years before he could find a donor. With their desperation mounting, Kurze and his wife turned to Facebook, where they found a life-saving solution.

Kurze's wife, Roxy, recently posted a note to the social networking site, explaining her husband's situation and asking for any donors to come forward. The post caught the attention of 25-year-old Ricky Cisco, who immediately contacted the Kurzes and offered his kidney to a man he didn't even know. After conducting some tests, doctors determined that Cisco was a suitable match. Last week, the two men went to the hospital to complete the transplant, and both are currently in good condition.

Kurze is understandably overwhelmed by his luck. "When I heard about Ricky's willingness to donate a kidney to me I didn't believe it," he told the Daily Tribune. "It was hard to breathe. I was in total disbelief that this was happening." Though both men were strangers to each other prior to meeting on Facebook, they've since struck up a friendship. "Once I met him and saw what a terrific guy he is, it's even better," Kurze said. "Over the past few months we've become good friends. I hang out with him once a week."

Cisco says he just wanted to help someone in need. "I always wanted to be a hero but I'm not very strong," Cisco said. "I can't lift anything. I can't save people in traditional ways, but I have an extra kidney."

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