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'Hot Throttle': a Terrifying Vision of Racing

Full Throttle
This week we're showing love to the latest games from some of our favorite designers. These are creators from whom we've come to expect the best -- and this week's picks certainly live up our expectations.

Your writer likes to think of designer Cactus Squid as the David Lynch of gaming. As equally disturbing as they are compelling, Cactus Squid's games are always something we look forward to with feverish anticipation. His latest, 'Full Throttle,' is a nightmarish racing game involving men who turn into cars, competing in order to win money for their man-to-car reassignment surgery... and that's just the tip of the insanity iceberg. While the racing is serviceable, the game more than makes up for its simplistic gameplay with an experience that feels like a combination of the ludicrous 'Cho Aniki' (slightly NSFW) series and classic racing game 'R.C. Pro-Am.' And that's a level of madness we can fully support.

Hot Throttle

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