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Facebook Photoshop Scam Spreading Like Wildfire

Facebook Photoshop Scam
Clicking on Facebook links is dangerous business. At least a few of aren't aware of this sad fact; otherwise, the latest scam Facebook app wouldn't be spreading at the alarming rate of almost 90,000 clicks per hour.

M86 Security labs reported the latest link hoax, which spreads quickly via Facebook Chat. It starts with a message from a friend that reads, "hey, I just made a photoshop of you, check it out :p" with a link attached. Clicking the link brings up a prompt, which asks you to install a Facebook app that requests access to Chat. Of course, it then immediately begins spamming your friends with the same message. It keeps you distracted by redirecting you to a blog featuring "45 Strange and Funny Photoshop Manipulations" such as a person's face on a dog. Needless to say, none of them feature your face.

The ultimate purpose of the scam is unclear at the moment. The destination site doesn't install any malware or lead to more traditional scams, such as surveys used to mine your personal data. It's possible that the rogue app is just the initial stage of a larger scam, but it could also be the work of pranksters simply proving that Facebook Chat is vulnerable to attack.

If you've mistakenly installed the rogue app, called 'millium,' simply head to your privacy settings page and click on 'Edit Your Settings' under 'Applications and Websites.' Find the entry for 'millium' and click 'Remove App.' Then send your friends and family a note of apology for being so gullible.

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