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Mother Murders 3-Year-Old Daughter for Tossing Game Console

Yui Tanaka's ApartmentSadly, this is not an April Fool's joke. 26-year-old Yui Tanaka and her live-in boyfriend are in police custody in Osaka, Japan after the two murdered Tanaka's 3-year-old daughter Shizuku for interrupting their gaming session. According to Nikkei, the mother told investigators that the girl was being "fussy" and "noisy" while the two were trying to play a game and even threw the couple's game console in the trash. "Even when we scolded her, she didn't listen, so we put her in a bag," she said. Tanaka and her boyfriend bound Shizuku's hands and feet with tape, put her in a garbage bag and tied it shut. The child then suffocated to death.

The couple claim they didn't intend to kill Shizuku, which if true, proves the two are not just insane, but insanely stupid. It doesn't help Yui's case that reports are now circulating that she posted a message online that read, "even if this kid died, I wouldn't cry." What a sweetheart.

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