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Chicago Teacher Accused of Ridiculing 7-Year-Old Student on Facebook

ukaiyla loftonA public school teacher in Chicago is under investigation for allegedly ridiculing one of her students on Facebook.

Last week, 7-year-old Ukailya Lofton attached Jolly Rancher candies to the ends of her braids in celebration of her school's picture day. The hairstyle reportedly amused Lofton's computer teacher, who allegedly took a picture of the child with her cell phone and shared it on Facebook. "She took a picture of me and then she said my boyfriend can't believe this," Lofton told Chicago's ABC7.

Lofton's mother, Lucinda Williams, eventually discovered that the teacher posted the photo on Facebook, along with a caption that read, "right, this is for picture day." In a comment on the image, one of the teacher's friends wrote, "if you are going to make your child look ridiculous, the least you can do is have them matching." Another agreed, adding, "yeah, this is foolishness." One friend, meanwhile, thought it was hilarious, writing, "I laughed so hard that my contact popped out."

In a statement, Chicago Public Schools confirmed that it is "investigating the matter to determine if any policies have been violated." The teacher has already removed the image from her Facebook page, but Williams thinks she should do more. "She never apologized to my daughter. She is still in the school. She wasn't suspended," Williams said. "I mean, it's like nothing happened. She just apologized and that's it. That's not enough."

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