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The History Behind 'Super Mario Bros. 2,' Robot Folds Paper Airplanes

Super Mario 2
Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


Roger Ebert: 'Source Code' Review
What we have here, setting aside the fancy editing involving the time travel, is something that looks like hard science fiction. That's a threatened genre. Movies with plots are threatened in general; much modern "science fiction" involves blowing stuff up. The good classic sci-fi involved starting with an idea and exploring its implications.
The Secret History of Super Mario Bros. 2
"The idea was that you would have people vertically ascending, and you would have items and blocks that you could pile up to go higher, or you could grab your friend that you were playing with and throw them to try and continue to ascend," Tanabe said. Unfortunately, "the vertical-scrolling gimmick wasn't enough to get us interesting gameplay."
New Book on Google Shows Gaffes in China
Though Google prides itself on giving engineers access to its code base to invent new products, it blocked the engineers in China because it said government officials might force them to reveal private information. Experienced engineers, who felt distrusted, could not work on new products and had to spend time on tasks like testing Google searches, something that less-qualified people do at other Google offices.



This essential airport reading was spotted at JFK's Terminal 5. [From: Instagram]

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