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Lawyer Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Facebook, Zuckerberg Over Palestinian Intifada Page

larry klaymanEarlier this week, Facebook pulled a controversial page calling for a Third Palestinian Intifada after facing intense pressure and criticism from Israeli politicians and organizations like the Anti-Defamation League. When it eventually decided to remove the page, the social network explained the decision by pointing out that comments on the page had "deteriorated to direct calls for violence," thereby warranting its termination per company policy. One lawyer, however, thinks Facebook should've yanked the page much earlier -- and he's asking for more than $1 billion to help heal the wounds.

Political activist Larry Klayman is the man behind the billion-dollar, class-action lawsuit, filed yesterday in Washington. Klayman, who is Jewish, alleges that Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (also Jewish) intentionally kept the Intifada page active in order to "further their revenues and the net worth" of the company. Doing so, he claims, put Klayman's own life in jeopardy, since he has been "called a Zionist publicly by radical Palestinians and other such Arabic interests." Naturally, this led Klayman to consider himself "a target of this call to kill Jews."

So how does Klayman plan on making his case? Consider, if you will, Exhibit A: Aaron Sorkin's imagination. In his complaint, Klayman cites 'The Social Network' as irrefutable evidence that Zuckerberg "has no conscience or sense of right or wrong." Because movies are real.

And in case you're wondering whether this is just another April Fool's prank, keep in mind that Klayman has in the past filed lawsuits against Osama Bin Laden, Hillary Clinton, the Federal Reserve, the Department of the Treasury and, for good measure, his own mommy dearest. Accusing Mark Zuckerberg of profiting from an Intifada is very much within his strike zone.

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