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Avoid the Rising Tide in 'Submerged - LaSol'

Submerged - LaSol
Spring's barely arrived, yet we're already looking ahead to summer and the prospect of lounging on the beach with a trashy paperback in hand. In the meantime, we've picked a few of our favorite nautically themed games to satisfy our longing for the sea.

It's tough being the protagonist of 'Submerged - LaSol,' janitor Stan Winston. (Nice one, guys.) Sure, he gets to work on the man-made, oceanic resort of LaSol, but he also has to contend with the bombing and subsequent sinking of said resort. It's the kind of trade-off that makes one reconsider whether or not that 401k plan is really worth it. Trapped in a small maintenance shaft, you must scramble to freedom before the steadily rising water level catches up with you. The game's strong suit is a level of tension that's not often found in adventure games. Add some solid voice acting and well-animated character animation, and this PC download should become another fantastic (and free) addition to any gamer's library.

Submerged - LaSol

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