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Condition ONE Makes War Footage Immersive and Interactive

Condition One iPad App
Despite unceasing conflict around the globe, war journalism has fallen on hard times. In the words of award-winning war correspondent Danfung Dennis, the art of photojournalism is "dying." Dennis has created a new system, called Condition ONE, which he hopes will breathe new life into wartime videography by creating an immersive and interactive experience.

There are several parts to the Condition ONE system, the first of which is an extreme wide-angle lens that Dennis says recreates the human field of vision -- partly by distorting the edge of the frame to mimic peripheral vision. The second and perhaps more interesting part is the media cockpit, which projects the image onto a large domed screen that envelops the viewer, allowing him or her to gaze around the unfolding scene. There is also an iPad app in which you can "look" around -- either by using your finger to scan the landscape, or by holding the iPad in front of you and looking around, just as you would with many augmented reality apps.
Condition ONE Video Dome
The goal, Dennis told Fast Co., is not to impress tech nerds, but rather to "shake people from their indifference to war, and to bridge the disconnect between the realities on the ground and the public consciousness at home." Those are lofty ambitions for an iPad app. But we can tell you this: even on our laptop screen, the demo video from Libya (below) feels far more urgent and audacious than anything we've seen on CNN or Fox.

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