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Zynga and Gaga Form Not-So-Terrible Alliance

zynga earthquake drive
You have to hand it to Lady Gaga; she's pretty tapped into tech. Her latest venture is a partnership with Zynga, in which she's donating $1.5 million for earthquake relief via its in-game funding drives.

The partnership is not particularly surprising on either end. Gaga has been making the tech rounds recently, and Zynga has long been savvy about using its games as a platform for fundraising. These types of actions may not have the high profile of, say, charity supergroups, but they're highly effective at harnessing the power of hundreds of millions of users. To wit: Zynga has raised over $10 million since starting its program in October 2009. Not too shabby an undertaking for a bunch of mafiosi and farmers.

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