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The Need to Go 'No Glow,' Christopher Poole Drops by Reddit

Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


The History of the Teardown: The Need to See Our Gear Undressed
In the case of the Kinect, there was also an element of history involved. Wiens and the iFixit team tend to look at designers and engineers almost the same way other people look at bands or film directors--analyzing their new work in comparison to their old work, seeing how they've improved, how their voice is changing.
No glow
This was something I knew but didn't really want to admit: in the evening, when I'm reading on my laptop or iPad, my eyes are hurting a little. After 8-9 hours spent in front of a 24" screen blasting light in my face at work, my eyes feel a bit like two sun dried tomatoes. They are tired. As I'm writing this, after work, I can feel it.



  • Desktoday keeps your Mac tidy by throwing all the files on your desktop into a dated folder. [From: Lifehacker]
  • 4Chan's Christopher "moot" Poole took questions from the community at reddit's IAmA section today. [From: reddit]

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