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Harpoon Surfing and Other Nautical Nonsense in 'Fishbane'

Spring's barely arrived, yet we're already looking ahead to summer and the prospect of lounging on the beach with a trashy paperback in hand. In the meantime, we've picked a few of our favorite nautically themed games to satisfy our longing for the sea.

'Fishbane' recounts the adventures of our titular hero, who must use an endless supply of harpoons to persevere through a series of puzzling platform challenges. Mastering the harpoon is the key to success, as you can use it to climb ledges, shoot it to trigger switches, and even ride it like a deadly surfboard. Unlike the majority of platform puzzlers out there, 'Fishbane' will actually test your mental mettle, requiring actual brain power to circumvent some of its trickier challenges.


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