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Teen Arrested for Posing as Police Officer, Asking Women for Sex on Facebook

bradley bellamyPolice in South Carolina have arrested a teenage boy who has been accused of impersonating an officer on Facebook in hopes that his false identity would convince women to have sex with him.

Horry County police were alerted to the teen's scheme on March 14th, when a woman named Tonya Godwin complained that an officer was harassing her on Facebook. According to Godwin, a man going by the name of Officer Jamie Jernigan had been sending her messages over the social network, asking her to meet up for sex. The man also claimed to be a volunteer firefighter and a U.S. Marine.

After receiving Godwin's complaint, the police tracked down the real Jamie Jernigan, who denied ever contacting her on Facebook. Authorities later discovered that the man posing as Jernigan had contacted as many as 30 of Godwin's female friends through Facebook messages. The suspect called Godwin on a few occasions, and, according to the woman, would often claim that he was in the middle of fighting brush fires or making traffic stops. These phone calls, however, would ultimately derail his plot.

Police traced the calls back to two phone numbers, both of which were listed under the name of 17-year-old Bradley Alonzo Bellamy. Bellamy, it turns out, had previously been implicated in a juvenile incident in which the real Officer Jernigan was involved. After being contacted by authorities, Bellamy's mother delivered her son to the police. He was arrested Friday and charged with two counts of impersonating an officer.

Godwin, meanwhile, seems shocked by how convincingly the teen portrayed himself online. "It was just, it made me feel so sick because I thought it was somebody I could trust and it was a little kid," Godwin told WBMF news. "I've seen several things he's been charged with and I know if I would have met him, there's no telling what would have happened."

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