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Augusta National Designs 'Masters' Game, Still Not Sure About the Whole Women Thing

Augusta National, home to the prestigious Masters golf tournament, will finally allow play its new video game. That's right -- the stodgiest country club known (exclusively) to man is releasing its own video game, in an apparent attempt to leapfrog the 20th century, and dive head-first into the 21st.

'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012: The Masters,' unveiled today, has reportedly been in the works for three years, with developers working to replicate the course in excruciating detail. Every tree depicted in the game has exactly the same number of branches as it does in real life, and weather is determined according to real-time conditions in Augusta. Using laser scanners, the game's architects were able to measure every inch of the course within a 6-millimeter accuracy.

Playing it, however, isn't exactly a walk in the park. Tiger Woods recently demoed the game, and reportedly failed to beat his own scores on the real Augusta. (In all fairness, though, he hasn't won anything in 16 months.) Yet, golf gamers and game golfers remain undaunted, and have already begun setting up "virtual Masters" tournaments via Facebook and other online outlets.

Exciting as this may be for people who like golf, those who worship golf actually aren't too thrilled about selling an Augusta game to the plebeians. Why? Because it's the Masters, and because Augusta National is sacred ground. A silly video game would only cheapen its pristine image, and do irreparable damage to all that is good and pure in the world.

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